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Marticia Crawford & William Cole

children of Joseph & Betsey Townsend
Nancy (1803)
Betsey (1805)
Joseph (1891)
children of Joseph & unknown Isaacs
Valentine (1770)
Archibald (1772)
Austin (1776)
Lucretia (1778)
Cecilia (1780)
Gideon  (1788)
Oliver (1786)
Valentine Crawford
& Catherine

Mary (1716)
Elizabeth (1718)
Martha (1720)
William (1722)
Valentine (1724)

Joseph (Josiah) Crawford & unknown Isaacs

children of Valentine & Sarah Vance
Moses  (1748)
George Washington (1750)
William (1753)
Valentine (1755)
Elizabeth (1757)
Effie (1765)
John (1767)
Nancy (1767)
child of Valentine & Rachel
Rachel (1775)

Valentine Crawford Jr was born in 1724 in Frederick County, Virginia.  Valentine Crawford Jr married Catherine about 1741. His second marriage was to Sarah Morgan Vance about 1747. His third marriage was to Rachel about 1774.  In 1748, Valentine applied for one hundred acres in Frederick County, Virginia.  On June 21, 1754,  he paid for the land.  Valentine and his brother, William Crawford, took the Oath to the King of England and enlisted as privates in the British Army in 1754 at Winchester, Virginia (or Pennsylvania).  Valentine Crawford, Jr was elected to the Virginia House of Burgess in 1758.  Valentine was a private, stationed at Fort Fincastle, Augusta County, Virginia in1775. On October 1, 1776 he was stationed at Fort Henry (now Wheeling, West Virginia. He was a Colonel in the Virginia Militia December, 1776, where he served as Wagon Master General. He also acted as secretary and assistant to George Washington. He died January 7,  1777 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. While returning home from a battle with Indians, he fell through thin ice and drowned (some sources say he died of pneumonia after falling through ice). His brother, William, recovered his body and brought it home for burial near his mother, Honoria Grimes Crawford. He is buried at Bullskin Creek in Shepardstown, West Virginia. 

You can read a contract and letters between Valentine and George Washington:
       Contract         Letter.  
More letters can be seen by searching for "Valentine Crawford" at the Library of Congress:
     George Washington's Papers. 
Joseph Crawford was born 1742 in Frederick County, Virginia and died about 1830 in Estill County, Kentucky. He married Betsey Townsend. His second wife was an unknown Isaacs, my ancestor. Joseph enlisted in 1776 in Captain Durks Company in Pennsylvania. He was attached to the fourth regiment of artillary under the command of Captain Duffer in Pennsylvania. He participated in the battles of Brandywine and Jamestown. He was discharged July 16, 1822 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He died about 1830 in Estill, County, Kentucky.

Martitia Crawford was born in 1782 in Botetourt County, VA, and died 1875 in Kentucky. Her first marriage was to Henry Evans.  Her second marriage was to William Cole on September 23, 1803 in Bourbon, County, Kentucky.  She is buried in Tallega, Lee County, Kentucky.

Much of the  information on the Crawford line is indirectly from "The brothers Crawford: Colonel William, 1722-1782 and Valentine Crawford Jr, 1724-1777" by Allen W Scholl.  Excerpts were graciously passed to me by Marcia Keith, with the much appreciated help of  Lynda Cole. Lynda Cole, who recognized the family connection when she visited my web site, put me in contact with Marcia Keith.