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Charles W. Amburgey
Lt. Co A., 13th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA
1832 -- 1900

Lt. Charles W. Amburgey was born in May 19 1832 and died November 1, 1900 on Little Carr, Letcher County, Kentucky. In 1854 he married Nancy Cornett, daughter of Robert S. Cornett and Adaline Brashear and they had one daughter. Nancy died in childbirth and Charles married Julie Anna Madison Dean. He farmed in Letcher until enlisting in Co A of the 13th Cavalry as a private. He rose to the rank of lieutenant.

After the war he settled in Frenchburg in Minifee County in 1866 as a farmer and started a second family with Melissa Wheatley while also keeping his family in Letcher.

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