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Name: Scots Gaelic meaning crooked mouth


History:  Our connection with the Campbell line comes from a story that has come down through the family and was related to my mother and aunt from my grandfather. James May, is said to have be fathered by a Campbell, his mother, Nannie or Nancy May, never marrying and giving her son her maiden name. James, however, named a son Campbell. This was thought to have been to fix his ancestory to his grandfather. The Campbell name continued in the family. The first Campbell May named a son Campbell, and another Noah. Noah named a son Campbell after his father Campbell May. In later generations, Campbell's son (Augusta) Noah May named a son Earl Campbell May, and he named his son Jackson Campbell May, finally Jackson named a son Campbell May.

Many of the Campbells that settled in Kentucky were from North Carolina, and others from Tennessee and Southwest Virginia whose line had come from Northern Ireland. They settled in great numbers in the highlands.

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