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[Transcribed by Mark S. Carroll 30 April 2000 with the intent of maintaining
the exact lettering and type face of a photo copy of the original statement obtained from the
Cole Family file in the Lee County,Kentucky Public Library]

      My grandmother's name was Martitia Crawford. My mother

was Emily Evans. My own name is Emma Cole Eicem.

      My grandmother Crawford told me about her cousin, William

Crawford, and she told me about his being burned at the stake,

and I remember she said that Simon Gertie was a bad man. She

said that William begged him to shoot him while he was being,

burned at the stake, and Simon Gertie laughed at him and said he

couldn't do that. That was her cousin William. She said, "poor

William, they ought not to have killed him." She didn't say

where he was when they burnt him, if she did I have forgot that,

but I think she said she didn't remember. She might have told

me, but I don't remember. I heard her say that hemwas burned

at the stake, and that he was her cousin William.

      I think the Crawfords came to this country with the Boones,

Because Leah Boone was her neighbor. She came to see my grand-

mother when I was little. She married a Newnam, some Newnam, I

don't remember his name. When she was old she came to Frank

Newnam's to visit. They was related. This was the old man Frank

Newnam.  He lived on the Fair Ground up here. I remember that she

came there and stayed all day. Her name was Leah Boone. I

guess they come in with the Boones. This woman was scalped by

the Indians. I know there was a little round spot on the top

of her head where she was scalped by the Indians but it didn't

kill her.

      That Newnam--his father and Miss Howell's Grandmother

was sister and brother. She was named after Leah Boone--Tom

Howell's mother was. His brother is the one that married Leah

Boone. She married Newnam's husbands brother. One was named

John and I don't remember what the other one's name was.


      They always claimed the Howell's was not related, but

that she married a Howell. Mrs. Newnam was a Tincher that

married John Newnam--I believe she was a sister of Old Man

William Tincher.

      My fathers name was Barton Cole, Emily Evans was my

mother. She was Henry Evans' daughter.

      John Evans married my aunt Polly Cole and went to Texas.

Young John Evans, a cousin of my mother's, married a Crawford

and went to Texas. He married Uncle Arch Crawford's daughter.

Father was a Cole but his mother was a Crawford. Mother told me

when we was talking about Uncle Arch and grand mother were brother

and sister. My grandmother, Martitia Crawford, was a sister of

Arch Crawford. I don't remember so well, but I can tell you where

you can find out. Flora Cole out here has a book that young John

kept the record in. She lives out here at Congleton. I was out

there and saw the book. I made her go get the book because I

had heard that it had a record of our relatives in it.

      The first I knew where grandmother lived was on Millers

Creek, on Billy's Fork, and Uncle Archie lived below there down

at Pryse, I think. His brother, Vol Crawford, got drowned down

there and was buried there, and Uncle John Cole is buried there.

      I don't know where they came from when they came in there

but I think from Breathitt county. She would tell me all those

things when I was in the house with her. I would give anything

to talk to her one day now. Mother was 93 when she died. She

died in 1875.

      Grandmother's niece, seems like her name was Elizabeth,

they run away and rode horse back to get married. He was sick

and he took her to hid daddy's and they they married after that.

He waited for till her daddy went to the Court-house and they

run away on horseback. Lewis--that's a cousin to my mother.

                         [page 2]

Uncle Archie went off and while he was gone Aunt Betsey said

she would do the housecleaning that morning and she begged

Aunt Betsey not to. She brought her things down and set them

down by the side of the door. She knew he would come after her.

When he come Lewis said Sunt Betsey was sitting with a reel in

her hand. He come in and said, "Are you ready?" and she said

"Yes" and he said Aunt Betsey just set there and run the reel

around her finger.

      All of the old Crawfords had slaves. Father's sister

married a Crawford. They went to Texas. Sallie was the girl's

name and John was the boys name.

      Simpson Crawford was a cousin to my mother. I just now

thought of his name. My mother stayed there with them. She

loved them better than anything. I can't think of their names

now--I know it just so well. I have heard mother talk about them

so much. Young Ose Cole was my father's brother. He went to

Texas, he went to see him before he went but never got to

see him. His sister died after they went to Texas. After they

went out there she died with heart trouble. I don't know where

they went to in Texas. Father could tell but I was so little

I don't remember. If Granny Cole told me it was when I was mighty

little for she died when I was mighty little.

      I am 78 yeas old, or will be next July, the 3rd day

of next July. I just know what grandmother told me about it.

      Your grandfather was Claiborne Crawford. He was a

cousin to my father, but I didn't know him.

      I was 8 when grandmother died. She was crippled before

she died and got so she couldn't hardly walk, only when she put

her hand on my shoulder, I would help her to her meals.

The oldest child married when I was 2. She married Dan

Steele. She was my only sister. He was a brother of old man Bill


                                                  [page 3]

      All of the Coles are not of the same family. The Coles at

Booneville are not related to us. This Shafter Cole out here

is not a relative of ours. My people came from--Granny said they

had a little Dutch Colony in Maine and they rode from here there

and married. They went on horseback. I know one afternoon she took

dinner with one of his cousins and stayed all night there. She

said "that is the best venison I ever ate," and said Cousin Martie

said "don't you know what you ate for dinner," and she said

"why, yes, that was the best venison I ever ate" and she said

it wasn't venison, but was a piece of rattlesnake. She said "I

guess it will kill every one of us," but Cousin Martie said "no, I

killed it myself before it ever bit itself, and it wont have any

poison in it."

      I have seen wild deer. I seen three come out in our field,

one day. Someone killed a bear down on Millers Creek. Killed it

and sent Granny a piece.

      Granny told me about when she was was raised they didn't

have any bread. Everything was wild. When they had deer and

didn't have bread she said they would use venison for bread and

bear meat for meat because the venison was lean and the bear meat

was fat and greasy.

      She said when they first had corn they would dig a little

hole in the hill and put the corn in it and when it got so they

could they would take a little rock and beat it and make meal.

She said they cooked bread for supper one night when they first

had it and it was the first bread she had ever eat, and they

forgot the bread and eat supper without it. They cooked it on

the fire place. I have eat Johnny cakes.

      Mr. Beach: You say your ancestors came over on the Mayflower

      A: Yes, the Cole's did. They had a little colony in

          Maine. They went over and back in 1717, I think.

          I don't remember granny's brothers name.

            /s/ Emma Cole Eicem

                              [page 4]

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