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Private George Elmer Lyons, Jr.,
U.S. Army, Ranger, WWII
15 Jun 1920 -- 23 Aug 1974

George Elmer Lyons Jr. was in the 2nd Ranger Bn. The one run by Col Earl Rudder... I think it was E, F, or G. He never told me, but his son said that he was the third Ranger of his Company on top of the cliff [at Omaha Beach]. As amazing as it was, he was not seriously wounded then. Just shrapnel and small bullet wounds. Later, just before the bulge, his company was sent in to dislodge a bunch of SS troops and he got it pretty bad there. He said they were the toughest bunch of soldiers he ever met. As with all seriously wounded soldiers, his life was a nightmare until he passed away ... He never complained and worshipped Col Rudder and the Rangers....

S. Calvin Lyons [Brother, 2000]

George is Zetta's 4th cousin, 1x removed

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