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Private John J. Lytle, Sr.
Captain James's Company of Batteauman
Revolutionary War

John J. Lytle was born in Pennsylvania, in 1760, the son of Nathaniel Lytle and Janet Byers. John enlisted in Captain James's Company of Batteauman of the Continental Army in 1778. The batteau of that day was propelled up the river by sail, pole, and oar. The name batteau was adopted from the French. The batteau used by the Continental Army, as a river-patrol boat, was manned with soldiers who were protected with high bulkheads and firing ports.

batteau boat
Replica of an 18th Century Batteau

John Lytle served under Captain Channdonnett, at Peckskill Village in 1778. His service was on the Susquehanna River. Batteau companies kept rivers open, and they fought against both English and Indians. "In the summer of 1779, General Sullivan's expedition passed the fort, arms gleaming in the sun, their one hundred and twenty boats arranged in regular order on the river, and their two thousand pack horses in single file, they formed a military display surpassing any yet seen on the Susquehanna, and well calculated to make a deep impression on the minds of the savages."

After the war, John moved to Kentucky and settled in Garrad County.

Mark's 4th Great Grandfather

Lytle Book

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