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Elijah Patrick
Union Scout

"Elijah Patrick, was born on April 10, 1828 in what is now Magoffin County. He was a merchant, served in the State Senate, and was postmaster at Burning Springs, Kentucky. He resigned in 1861.

He guided General William O. Nelson to Presetonsburg and served in a scouting capacity for Federal officers in eastern Kentucky for two years."

In April 1864 the twenty-seventh Virginia, Lieut. Col. Ezekiel F. Clay's cavalry, and a few other mounted men were defeated at the battle of Pucheon Creek on April 14, 1864 by the 39th Kentucky Infantry. Clay, who was shot through the eye, was captured and Elijah Prater was detailed as one of his guards to escort him to prison.

Confederates burned his home on Licking River after the Battle of Ivy Mountain. They took thousands of dollars worth of merchandise with them. Patrick moved to Paintsville but his house was raided several times by Confederates there too.

After the war he returned to merchandising and farming in Paintsville." Elijah's brothers Reuben and Wiley also fought for the Union.

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