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Pvt  Uriah York
U.S. Army, Mexican & Civil Wars

      Uriah York was the son of John York of North Carolina. Uriah settled in the Pall Mall area of Fentress County, Tennessee. Uriah fought with Winfield Scott in the Mexican War at the Battle of Chapultepec. In 1863 he went north to Kentucky and joined Union forces there. He returned home after contracting the measles. Confederate forces in the area sought to capture him upon his return, but Uriah heard of their coming and hid himself and horses in a canebrake. Uriah evaded his pursuers, but contracted pneumonia from the exposure and died days later. His son, William York, married Mary Brooks and gave birth to Alvin C. York, the WWI hero and greatest infantryman this country has known.

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Source: Sgt York: His Life, Legend, & Legacy by John Perry

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