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Map of Lyons Family Patents of DeKalb in 1850

This map is a plot of the land patents issued to individuals with the name Lyons in Dekalb County Alabama before 1850.


The Bureau of Land Management lists these patents and land sections:
(Format: Last Name, First Name, Section, Date President Signed, Document #, Acres)

Lyons, John; 1 SW 8 7S 9E; 05/01/1845; 6556; 160

Lyons, John; 1 E1/2SE 7 7S 9E; 06/01/1845; 6806; 80.95

Lyons, John; 1 NWNW 17 7S 9E; 05/01/1845; 7501; 39.8

Lyons, Poceus M; SWSW 4 7S 9E; 08/10/1849; 10035; 40.4

Lyons, Portius M; NWSE 1 6S 9E; 08/10/1849; 9438; 39.9

Lyons, William; NENE 8 7S 9E; 08/10/1849; 9923; 40.12


The 1840 Census show that John Lyons was living in DeKalb - The only Lyons household.

1850 Census
*  John Lyons with wife Margaret and children (Mary Ann 18, Adeline 16, Amanda 13 (born in Alabama), Almeda 10, Analiza 8, Elizabeth 6, Carthula 4, & William L. 2 -- household #26)
*  Mary V. Lyons with children (John 10, Nancy 9, Amanda 7, Richard N. 5 (born in Alabama), Martha Ann 3, William 1 household #61);
*  Pocious Lyons with wife Melinda and children (William W., Thomas, Nancy, Sarah (born in Alabama), Deanah, Analiza, John Lyon aged 12 (probably cousin or nephew) household #24


These Lyons holdings were fairly close to one another; and that of William and Pocious are adjoined. These Lyons families were kin. All of the adults and numerous children were born in Tennessee according to the 1850 Census. The 1830 and 1840 Knox County censuses show individuals of these names with family structures that match those of the DeKalb 1850 Census.

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