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William Lyons
an analysis


William Lyons was born in Knox County, Tennessee in about 1818 and  is the son of  Nathaniel Lyons (born about 1797) and Betsy Cook. He moved to DeKalb County in the 1840 and died before the census of 1850.


Nathaniel Lyons married Betsy Cook on 21 Jul 1815 in Knox County Tn.

On the 1830 Census, there is a Charles M. Price who had two girls of the age to match "Polly Price" and Malinda Gains Price, that lived in proximity to the family of  Nathaniel Lyons (both listed on page 361 eight households apart) in Knox County.

A male aged 10-13, who was listed in the Nathaniel Lyons family in the 1830 census is the right age to be William, and is  missing from the 1840 Nathaniel  Lyons family (there were four male children listed 1@10-13, 2@5-10, and 1 under 5: These are likely William, Thomas, Pocious, and John -- another son, Wiley, would be born in 1831.)

William Lyons appears first on a marriage bond to "Polly Price" in Knox County on November 15, 1838

William Lyons appears on a bond for the marriage of  Pocious Lyons and Mary Gaines Price on 28 May 1840 (DeKalb County History)

William Lyons is listed on the 1840 Knox County Tennessee Census on page 66. In the family there are two males, one between 15-19, and one between 20-29, a  female between 15-19, and a male of  less than five years old. William does not appear on the census of 1830 by name, nor is he on the 1850 Knox Census.

William Lyons appears on a Land  Patent signed by the president on August 10, 1849 for land purchased in DeKalb Alabama (Land Patent 9923: NE1/4 of NE1/4 of Section 8, township 7 Range Nine East about 40 acres and 12/100 of an acre.)  This land is close to holdings of  John Lyons and Pocious Lyons  (see map)

Mary V. Price Lyons  (born about 1825) is listed on the DeKalb 1850 census with a residence in proximity to John Lyons and the children are (John 1839, Nancy 1841, Amanda 1843, (all in Tennessee) Richard Nathaniel 1845, Martha Ann 1847, and William M. 1849 (in Alabama)

Mary V. Price Lyons married Edward H. Wade second and is listed with him and their children on the 1860 Census. She had several children with Edward . They and some of Edaward's children by a previous marriage, moved from Alabama to Lee County, Kentucky with Richard Nathaniel and his brother William M. Lyons. One child, David P Wade, listed his father as E. H. Wade of SC and his mother as Mary V. Pryse of Knox Co. TN. (page 7, Certificate dated Dec 20, 1906 Lee,Co.Ky)

Richard Nathaniel Lyons named his children (Scott, Mary, Walter, Zilla, Daniel, John Marcus,  Nora, William, and Richard Nathaniel

Pocious named his oldest surviving son William (b.1841) and next eldest Thomas (b. 1844) (probably after his brothers) his first child born in Alabama was Susan (b. 1846), the same year as Richard N was born, meaning that Pocious and William arrived in DeKalb at about the same time.

Other Information:

Information provided by Mac Lyons of DeKalb lists Martha Ann Lyons (1826) as a daughter of  Nathaniel Lyons and Betsy Cook. Note that this is the same name given to the daughter of William Lyons and Mary Price.


William was one of  four sons  (as of the 1830 Census) of  Nathaniel Lyons and Betsy Cook.

William named his daughter Martha Ann, after his younger sister.

William named his son Richard Nathaniel after his father.

Mary V. Price Lyons named her last son of her first marriage William 1849 after her husband.

Richard Nathaniel named his last son William after his grandfather.

Research Questions:

* When was he born and where?

* When did he move to Alabama?

* When did he die and how?

* Where is he buried?

* Was there a will or legal disposition of his estate?

* What was the disposition of his land patent?

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